Something Like Peace

pelted by a rain of bullets
buzzing from the planes’ bellies
I lie in the ditch

carriages and bikes,
lone dolls and shoes
litter the road
where a moment ago
a people fled

a distant rumble is heard
a beating drumbeat
from anxious clouds

suddenly the sun is out
like a curious child parting curtains
to survey the scene below

something like peace
descends on us

the sky is back to being the sky
the planes a distant memory
except for the cries for help
from writhing bodies

I offer my strength to the injured
my health to the dying
my hand to the orphaned child

War Haikus

All Jewish babies
Cried under the occupation
Sorrow eternal ‎


Badge of yellow shame
Sewn on the tailor people
United in pain


Turned away from life
St. Louis passengers despair
Tsunami of hate


Cold invades my soul
As I watch the ghetto burn
A drink in my hand


Cigar burning long
After the speeches were said ‎
The man hardly slept


Nuclear heads armed ‎
Backyard bunkers all readied
Cold war heating up‎