Monk Ponderings

The lottery ticket rubs against my stomach. People rub the Buddha’s belly for luck. I am buddha. My mind is empty, empty of thought and of incessant chatter. Focus on breathing. The temple roof is leaking. The winnings would go against the repairs. The extra… Stop! Watch the thought and let it float away. Do not get attached to it. Bye, bye…. A little humour goes a long way. The lottery ticket was a bad idea. And the lady who let us go before her… Those saffron robes and shaved heads sure do wonders to give us an air of respectability. I think I heard her gasp when we bought the ticket. I swear she had a half-smile when we passed her. Not that I looked!

Breathe. I wonder what would happen if women were taught to meditate while giving birth. I am sure you can meditate through intense pain. Would the experience be transcendent? And if you are being born while your mom is having this peaceful blissed out moment, will there be no birth trauma? If a woman meditates throughout her pregnancy, are the mother and child’s minds and souls intertwined? Is the contact deep and meaningful? Does it remain after birth?


And breathe. I managed it for a bit but that cramp did me in. Good luck meditating while giving birth if a little cramp can cause my focus to shift. Inhale the light, let it flow inside your body and illuminate your heart. How do I forget my body if I am illuminating it from inside? And what about that little crack that lets the light get out (to paraphrase Cohen – who was a frisky monk by the way). A monk still inhabits a body.

Breathe in pure thoughts and positive energy. Become pure energy, vibrate with the air. If the air is polluted, the energy is too low to start with. It takes more effort for our meditation to purify the air. I am happy we are in the woods, without electricity to mess up our vibrations. I especially enjoy the chanting, very conducive to the hive mentality. I bet we could levitate through chanting. But it shouldn’t really be our goal – levitating, I mean. It’s a bit childish.


The gong has gonged which means our meditation time is already over. I was just getting warmed up. I hope I will eventually forget the laws of gravity and levitate. I can see this happening in my mind’s eye. Feel my molecules dissolving so that they bond with the air I am breathing in, with the light molecules. My thoughts are the last think to dissolve, I am feeding into the One.


Whooosh. The molecules are back together. Silence all around. I open my eyes and see… the top of a head? Whoah! Boom.

– Well done. Your landing needs work but you levitated a few feet on your first try.

I felt nothing. I did not exist. I am hooked.

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